18 Tricks To Make Your Fast Food Experience Better

You will love each one of these!

I have to admit, I’m a fast food lover and binge on it quite often. How can one stay away from those juicy, oily burgers and those fries that are simply to die for? I can’t. If you thought your favorite fast food couldn’t get better, then we have a surprise for you. Here are a few hacks that will make your fast food experience out of this world. Go through these 18 hacks and choose which one to use for dinner tonight.

1. At Taco Bell, ask the waiter to grill your favorite again. The taste and crunch will be divine!

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2. If half of your Subway sub ends up dripping with sauce while the other needs a little bit more, try carrying it with one end higher than the other to balance it out.

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3. To avoid leakages and spills, ask your barista at Starbucks to pour your drink into an upgraded cup.

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4. I bet you didn’t know that you can get rice with any order for free at Chipotle!

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5. When ordering your Chipotle burrito, get equal parts of both chicken and steak. This means you get more meat, but for the same price.

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6. Save up and ask for a Venti cup of water at Starbucks. It’s free, so you don’t need to spend on a water bottle.

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7. The trick to getting a freshly grilled patty, rather than one kept aside? Get your burger customized at Burger King.

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8. When getting Subway, ask them for an “old cut style” sub. Your sub will be cut into a deep V, rather than horizontal, which won’t let the toppings fall out!


9. All Jamba Juice workers are supposed to follow substitution requests. Know what this means? Endless opportunities.

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10. Always get your chicken nuggets in packs of four, rather than in bulk, at McDonald’s. It’s less pricey this way and you end up with more sauce!

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11. Get your bun swapped for the steamed bun on Filet-O-Fish at McDonald’s. It’s fluffy and so soft, unlike the other ones.

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12. You’ll get fresh fries at McDonald’s if you ask for unsalted ones! Yummy!

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13. You can use your Starbucks cup sleeve to store your splash stick. Smart!

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14. If you look into it, all fast food restaurants have secret items that aren’t advertised on the main menu. So, check them out and order them!

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15. You can simply flip over one of the sides of your fries carton to use it for ketchup. Voila!

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16. Instead of opting for the usual folded eggs in McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches, ask for a round egg. Those are made fresh and in an egg ring!

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17. If you want fresh fast food, then the best time to get it is during rush hours. You’ll get a fresher meal at noon, rather than at 3 or 4pm.

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18. You won’t find this on the menu, but an apple pie McFlurry exists at McDonald’s. You guessed it, it has crushed apple pie pieces.


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