18 Things Millenials Will Never, Ever Get

This is 100% guaranteed to make you feel old, so grab a box of tissues along with your most comforting blanket, and start scrolling through!

Unless the phrase, “Hey, remember when…” makes you feel all happy inside, this article might bring you to tears…

Even so, it’s often nice to cuddle up to some real nostalgia at the end of a long day and remember everything that used to make us smile in our childhood.

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1. Life before texting used up a lot of paper…

© mjonbli

2. You can spot how much someone loved music by how big their book of CDs was.

© iAmPoeticSoul

3. Trying to fit your highly advanced, new CD player in your pocket was impossible…

© _cash_me_outside_

4. Only the best movies that ever existed were on VCR tapes, and anyone who tried to tape anything over them should be destroyed.

© tgraf86

5. Back then, rewinding the movie looked something like this…

© gfycat

6. Every cellphone had one of these guys.

© Madame Fortuna

7. No one could figure out the purpose of these or who created them, but every single home had at least one.

© wikimedia

8. When there weren’t smartphones around containing endless sources of entertainment, shampoo ingredients were there for you to read in the bathroom…

© shoppingstylenus

9. This was the world’s biggest mystery, and she appeared every night on Tom and Jerry.

© Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

10. Do you remember the scent?

© Robert Downey Jr UK © pixabay

11. How about when you had to record music on your phone and make it your ringtone…it made everyone feel like a genius.

© tolich.nnov

12. Of course, to share it with a friend you had to use the IR port.

© Johnny Ive

13. If you were cool, your walls were filled with these.

© Georgia Werkeser © Galaxy World

14. Every kid wanted Tetris, but every kid definitely already had this.

© Raquel

15. The infinite problem that happened to every home telephone…

© ask.fm

16. Remember when you had to choose between the phone or the Internet? Ah, you can almost hear it dialing up now…

17. This was just too tasty to stay in this world…

© wikimedia © Bodo

18. And you can’t forget these…