18 Incredibly Random Facts That'll Impress Your Friends

After reading this list, you can start getting ready to go on Jeopardy!

More than likely, we all have that one friend who somehow knows a countless amount of useless information…

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Unless they’re planning on appearing on Jeopardy one day, there’s really no point in them absorbing all this information. However, it can be considered a talent of sorts to be able to hold onto all these different facts and bits of information that you pick up randomly.

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1. Trailers were first played after the end of the movie, which is why they’re called trailers.

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2. The hole that you find in the lids of pens are there to create airflow, which prevents choking in case you swallow it. How helpful!

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3. That sleeve that you put on your hot coffee cup has more than one name- actually it has quite a few. Paper zarf, coffee clutch and Java Jacket are a couple of these unique names.

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And there are still so many more amazing facts!


4. When you come to put toothpaste on your toothbrush, that small dab is called a nurdle.

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5. Barbie is actually named Barbara Millicent Roberts.

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6. If you look closely at the line where you’re meant to sign on a check, you’ll find that it consists of the small print: “AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE.”

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Who would have thought, right?


7. When you buy new clothes and find a tiny patch of fabric in the pocket, you often think it’s extra material and just throw it away. It’s purpose is actually as a tester to make sure that the detergent you’re using won’t destroy the material.

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8. Swedish scientists have found that there are close to 177,147 different ways you can make your tie.

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9. There are 127,000 trees being cut down on a daily basis to help support the demand of toilet paper.


The facts don’t stop here!


10. In a standard deck of Rouennais cards, you’ll find that all the kings, except the kings of hearts, have a mustache.

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11. The reason there are lines of plastic on the inside of bottle caps is so that the soda doesn’t go flat as quickly. The carbonation and the liquid are kept tightly in the bottle and no fizz can be released.

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12. Chocolate milk was originally retailed as medicine in the 1700s by an Irish botanist called Sir Hans Sloane.


Some of these facts are just unbelievable!


13. Originally, the Coca-Cola formula contained caramel, which helped give it that brown color that we’re used to now.

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14. If you completely stretch out a slinky, you’ll find that it’s length is 87 feet.


15. 400 million M&M’s are manufactured every day.

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We’re nearly at the end now!


16. A dentist was the one to invent cotton candy! It was first known as “fairy floss.”

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17. Like a lot of things, Bubble Wrap was invented by mistake. The inventors were actually trying to make a surfaced wallpaper, but their machine kept producing what we know as Bubble Wrap instead.

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18. Grapes, bananas and even oranges are considered berries!

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