18 Hilarious Pictures Of Insanely Idiotic Mishaps

They’re all so illogical

This year, one of the resolutions we should have is to laugh more. Whenever you think you’re feeling down, or you’ve done something incredibly stupid, remember this post. The following pictures are sure to brighten your mood. So, scroll on down and take a look.

1. The smartest decision you’ll ever make.

Reddit | royer_gggg

2. That cloud is pretty ominous.

Reddit | stchy_5

3. And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night…

Reddit | c00pdawg

4. Oh, the irony.

Reddit | Mrdazjames

5. Learning to draw shadows is pretty complex stuff. Kudos!

Reddit | MegaTony4

6. When the drop hits!

Reddit | meariish

7. It’s the universe telling you to go on a diet.

Reddit | Neverending-tutu

8. Of all the places in the parking lot!

Reddit | _marcus_corvinus

9. Someone had to ask.

Reddit | Banewolf1291

10. The people at Taco Bell are too good!

Reddit | forbesqps

11. The first signs that she feels the same!

Instagram | @theladbible

12. Spongebob needs no explanation.

Instagram | publictransportation

13. I actually like winter!

Instagram | @daquan

14. Howbow dah?

Instagram | @nochill

15. Best marketing idea ever.

Reddit | RandyMarshsBalls

16. There’s not a higher feeling of relief.

Instagram | @theladbible

17. Anyone?

Instagram | @dahmeme

18. He’s so adorable!

Instagram | @itsnotfunny_its_savage