17 Ways To Make Pregnancy Easier

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The time you’ve been dreaming of for your entire life is at long last here. You are about to become a mother. Don’t worry, you are capable enough to handle this and these things we are going to tell you will make your pregnancy a lot easier. 

1. Buy an inner tube.

If you like to sleep on your belly, you don’t need to stop just because you’re pregnant! Buy an inner tube and use it to support you.

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2. Pregnancy sweats.

Don’t get used to them, but do get a feel for them. Make sure they fit you loosely so that they don’t get tighter as the bump emerges.

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3. What if we told you that you could still wear jeans?

Before you became pregnant and had to give up on fashion, you used to love wearing jeans. You still can even now using this trick.


4. Buy a grabbing tool.

With pregnancy you can’t expect to move around like Serena Williams. Accept this and buy yourself a grabbing tool.

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5. Always keep emergency bags with you.

Yup, one of the dreadful things about pregnancy is the vomiting. So if you can’t stop something, might as well be prepared for it.

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6. Get a recliner.

You might want to keep furniture that helps you relax. That burdensome thing may look out of place, but it helps with acid reflux. Sitting on a recliner is far better than laying on the bed.

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7. Convert your tops for sunny days.

If you have an old tank top lying around, cut its base off so that you can sew it to your top to cover the space between your jeans and your top. You can save yourself from heatstroke by using this hack.

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8. Communicate with your partner.

Pregnancy is just as much as uncharted territory for your partner as it is for you. Your hormones will take you on rides that will make you forget that sometimes. So it’s better to have a safe word that you can use in a moment of an emotional flood so that your partner does not panic with guilt.

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9. Put your bra in the freezer.

During pregnancy, your body temperature is higher than usual. This is not a permanent hack, but it is a good way to feel all cool and calm.

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10. Make all your appointments early.

Women give birth every day and doctors are totally swamped. So it is a good idea to book all your appointments early, so that when you are in need of professional attention, you get the required care.

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11. Make a diary.

Being pregnant not only takes a toll on your body but also your mind. So it’s better if you keep a diary. List down your schedule, things that need taking care of, what you need to do to take care of yourself, etc


12. Utilize kinesio tape on your bump.

It helps keep your baby cool and comfortable, while also giving your relief from any distress.

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13. Use the bathroom before any activity.

Pee before any sort of activity, so that in the event that something happens you have an empty bladder.


14. Apply for special needs parking spaces.

Pregnancy is eligible as a reason to apply for special need parking spots, and believe me it helps A LOT.

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15. Keep pads with you always.

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16. Try not to go buying new bras every five minutes.

Instead of buying a new bra every time you feel yourself growing, simply take the clasps of one bra and put it on another. Instant better fit.

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17. Flaunt.

Appreciate the time of your pregnancy, try not to worry so much and just bask in the experience of it all.


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