17 Times The Third Wheel Struggle Was Really Real

I’m sure I’ve sent a snap just like #8!

Shout out to all the super good friends out there! The ones that stand by as wingman or wingwoman or tag along as the third wheel… you know who you are! For those of us who haven’t attended a strictly twosome event as the third party, here’s a glimpse at a day in the life of these real-life heroes. 

1. See … now where would they be without their black and red checker holder.

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2. Third wheel till the end!

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3. Makes you want to revisit those high school trips to the mall, doesn’t it?

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4. They’re stuck to each other.

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5. Kudos to this Subway! Changing lives over here!

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6. Just in case you didn’t want to sit next to your friends.

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7. Cost effective? Check. Space saving? Check. Awkward? Oh, you bet.

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8. At least she’s not in denial.

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9. When the goodbyes are so long you can fit in a nap.

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10. He looks pretty excited to be a part of that magical moment.

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11. ALMOST. Not quite, though.

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12. He’s actually balancing the image perfectly.

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13. Yeah. We’d feel the same way.

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14. Pretty crowded up in here.

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15. Taking a break from the hike or the friendship? Just wondering.

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16. He’s third wheeling it right!

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17. The best for last … poor guy.