17 Parenting Tips To Help Keep Your Kids Safe

Warning: They may live longer because of these!

Parents, at minimum, must give their best. Even then, it’s important to converse with other parents and ask for advice, because once your baby or babies start crawling and walking, you suddenly realize how dangerous the world is. Cupboards, table edges, sockets, non-carpeted floors, you name it. As many dangers as there are, there are a lot of things you can do to keep your children safe. Check out these 17 tips below.


1. If you are worried you might lose your child in public, write your phone number on your kid and cover it with a translucent bandage.

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2. You can also give your kid a bracelet with your number on it.

Health information like allergies and medication can also be included.

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3. If your kids have a habit of leaving their hands in doorways, slice a pool noodle in half and attach it to the edge of your door so it can’t hit your kids.

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4. Attach a rope to the underside of your railing.


5. A blow up pool is always a low risk/high reward idea with kids.

Although it might just come down to the size of the pool.

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Smart, huh?

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6. Create a bumper between the wood of your crib and your child’s teeth with a cloth.

This way your child is safe(r) and you don’t lose money on a damaged crib.

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7. The one thing you want your kids not to be playing with is surge protectors.

Keep them in a Tupperware bin.

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8. Use rulers to thwart your kids’ attempts to open your drawers.

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9. Sometimes, it’s about getting by, more so than it is about being efficient. You can pack all your cleaning supplies like this.


10. Use a hair band to limit the amount of paper your kids can use, so they don’t unravel the whole thing.

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It might still fail, though.


11. Use elastic to keep cabinets shut.

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12. Overcome slippery floors by applying hot glue to the bottom part of footwear.

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13. Use a laundry basket to store toys, so that your kid does not follow them around the tub and hit his head.

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14. Pro tip: Tension rods make great baby gates.

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Creativity is essential when you have kids.


15. Use crochet handle covers to prevent kids from turning knobs.

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16. You can also cut a hole in a piece of Tupperware and attach it to your door.

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17. Sew a piece of fabric between the legs, so that climbing becomes infinitely harder.

The fabric does not allow them to lift one leg over the edge.

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And that’s all there is to it. Try a few of these to help your kids avoid brain damage.

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