17 Legendary Things You Totally Missed On 'How I Met Your Mother'

We bet you didn’t know most of these!

How I Met Your Mother is one of the most popular TV sitcoms in the world. When the show came out, everybody fell in love with the quirky characters, the funny stories, and the legendary Barney Stinson. The show has scores of committed fans who are masters at its trivia. But even super fans will not know these rare facts about the beloved show.

1. Lily and Marshall seldom kissed on the show because of Jason Segel’s (Marshall) cigarette breath.

Alyson Hannigan, who played Lily, was not fond of the cigarette taste and breath on Jason’s mouth, so she requested he not kiss her on-set.

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2. Among all the fake statistics that Barney Stinson cited, the numbers 83, 8, or 3 were present.


3. In fact, the show was never shot in a front of a live studio audience. The reason was due to its quick cut nature between scenes.

Allegedly, the producers showed each finished episode to an audience and recorded their reactions for the audience sounds on TV.


4. Neil Patrick Harris, similar to Barney, is an actual magician in real life!


5. Most websites mentioned on the show, especially those created by the main characters, exist in real life. These include stinsonbreastreduction.com and canadiansexacts.org.

Although they’re only prop websites with just a homepage. One exception is lilyandmarshallselltheirstuff.com, which was created to auction off items from the show for charity.

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6. All scenes involving Ted’s kids were shot in the first season to reduce the need to call the actors in for their reactions. This included the season finale reactions of Luke and Leia.

The actors who portrayed the kids were in on how the show would end as early as the first season!


7. Ted dated over 29 different women before he met the mother.

Barney holds the record though, dating over 60 women in total.

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8. The spouses of Neil Patrick Harris (Barney), Cobie Smulders (Robin), and Alyson Hannigan (Lily) all appeared on the show frequently.

Neil Patrick Harris’ husband portrayed Scooter, Cobie Smulders’ husband portrayed GNB’s Blauman, and Alyson Hannigan’s husband portrayed WWN host, Sandy Rivers.

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9. Whenever the gang eats Chinese food, Barney is almost never successful in eating with chopsticks.

The only time he was successful was in Season 7, in the episode where Barney bets Marshall the ducky tie in the Hibachi Grill Restaurant.


10. The living room clock in Marshall and Ted’s apartment always remained at 4:20.


11. According to Google, the show was responsible for coining the term, “The Bro Code”.

This would also make Barney the creator of the code, as well as the book, “The Bro Code”.


12. Jason Segel (Marshall) had no idea that Marshall’s dad was dead until Alyson Hannigan spoke the line during the shot.

They only needed to do one take…


13. Marshall’s slam dunk win was matched by Segel’s real life high school slam dunk win.


14. Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, also auditioned for the role of Barney.


15. Robin Sparkles’ hit single “Let’s go to the Mall” is available on Just Dance 3, the video game.


16. Despite the many A-list celebrity cameos on the show, it was only Tim Gunn that the cast fawned over with autograph requests.


 17. When Alyson Hannigan was pregnant during the show, the only time her pregnant belly was shown was after Lily had won a hotdog eating contest.


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