17 Girls Who Tried New Haircuts And Pulled Them Off

Sometimes, you have to take a chance on a wild new look!

Change is a scary thing. I think we can all speak to that. The key is to change slightly, so the prospect doesn’t seem as scary.

These girls should be your inspiration. They have taken bold risks and have proven that change can be an amazing thing. Check out these awesome haircuts.

1. Check out the transformation.

2. Pulling it OFF.

3. Short hair is so awesome if done right.

4. Such a difference!

5. And the world will never be the same.

Objavu dijeli Jenna Maciag (@jemace)

6. Check out how the haircut complements her face.

7. Perspective is EVERYTHING.

8. Amazing!

9. Scandalous.

10. You go, girl!

11. She seems happier with the new hair.

12. Wow!

13. I need to make an appointment with my own hairdresser now.

14. Sometimes less is more.

15. Beautiful.

16. Lovely.

17. Stunning.

Objavu dijeli Sensa Salon (@sensasalon)

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