17 Cats Who Win At Being Absolute Jerks

Well, what did you expect from a cat?

Cats are quite notorious for their overall mean-ness. Is that stereotyping? I dunno. All I know is that pictures don’t lie. So just relax and behold a couple of cats being total jerks.

1. Not on my watch.

via reddit / StickleyMan
via reddit / StickleyMan

2. I was mad.

via reddit / jackjr68

3. Just a nibble.

via Playbuzz

4. Yes, that’s what it’s for.

via reddit / KnightOfSunlight

5. The book needed a bit of paw-lish.

via reddit / cadwalader000

6. At least this one is honest.

via Imgur

7. That’s what you get for being nice.

via reddit / nniicole22
via reddit / nniicole22

8. Sorry. I don’t do friendship.

via Huffington Post
via Huffington Post

9. That completes the picture.

via Facebook / Cat Shaming

10. This is my now!

via Twitter / @jenny_stevens

11. Like a Boss.

via reddit / antigravity1231
via reddit / antigravity1231

12. I need my space.

via reddit / raybanpat

13. Time for my Close-up.

via Imgur / jtl3000

14. “Could you please move, pretty please?” “Nope.”

via reddit / marlox13

15. Imma steal this s**t.

via Imgur

16. Gross. No.

via reddit / jacobthompson1

17. We commandeer this Fort.

via Tumblr / bunnyfood

Main image via Imgur Collage images via 1. Imgur 2. reddit / marlox13 3.  Twitter / @jenny_stevens