15 Ways To Completely Organize A Small Kitchen

These ideas really got us wanting to redecorate! The best part? They’re inexpensive and simple!

Struggling for space in the kitchen? These 15 ways to completely organize a small kitchen really help! AND they’re actually doable!

When you browse the web for organization ideas in your kitchen, you’re probably bombarded with ideas that either require a huge kitchen, or just cost too much.

These ideas we discovered however, are super simple, really frugal and are made especially for smaller kitchens! So whether you have a smaller space, or just need more room in your kitchen area, these ideas are perfect.

Use the side of your cupboards to hang kitchen items.

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They’re inexpensive and will keep your drawers and cupboards tidy.

Use a magnetic spice rack.

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Instant decor too!

Squeeze in shelves anywhere you can.

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Mount your dish rack too!

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Free up counter space!

Or just get it all with an adjustable grid system.

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A rod over the stove hold pots and pans neatly and keeps cupboards clear.

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Or put in hooks under your cupboard.

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Quick, simple, frugal and looks fantastic!

Get more space under your sink.

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Buy a hanging organizer (you can find one cheap in any store) and cut it to fit the cupboard door. Store your cleaners, sponges, gloves and cloths in there to make more under-sink space.

Use adhesive hooks to hold items on the wall.

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You can get them anywhere for a dollar and they’ll hold great! Plus they’re easy to repair with double sided tape.

Get moveable storage.

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If you need it out of the way, just wheel it!

Add pull-out shelves to a cupboard for more pantry space.

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It’s a bit of an investment but will keep you better organized and leave you with a cleaner pantry.

Add stand-in shelves to cabinets.

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These are not expensive, easy to put in and make a lot of extra room for mugs, dishes and spices.

No room for the trash? Get a pretty can!

No room for the trash? Get a pretty can!
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Then you can keep it out and not worry about it looking ugly.

Use tops of cupboards to store bulk items.

Use tops of cupboards to store bulk items.
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Instead of stuffing your counter top with items, consider storing bulk purchases on top of your cupboards in neat wire baskets. They can be bought at the dollar store, or for cheap elsewhere and keep things looking tidy.

Or use wicker.

Or use wicker.
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Wicker baskets can hide the mess even better and add a nice touch of decor to your kitchen. They’re a little more pricey, but worth the investment!