16 Tricky Tricksters Who Won The Game Yet Again

They’ll get theirs… maybe.

You know them: the people that maneuver their way through life and always seems to come out on top. Some might call them lucky, sly, or downright pranksters. We’re gonna go with tricky! If you’ve ever been a victim of their magic, you’ll be able to relate to these 16 funny pics. And if you’re the person that happens to be doing all the handiwork, consider it a job well done. 

1. Well played Dad. Well played.

So it’s gonna be like that huh?

via Instagram / @course

2.  The definition of smooth.

Although the emoji might have been overkill.

via Instagram / @savagerealm

3. He put some thought into that one.

Good thing he didn’t actually want a brand new Ford Mustang.

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4. We’re interested to see how this one plays out.

Note to self: always have a backup plan.

via reddit / AdamE89 Ace Hotel