16 Traditional Wedding Outfits From Around The World

See how different cultures celebrate their big day around the world!

Whether you’re a guest or part of the wedding party, weddings are a ton of fun! You get to dress up, dance, and best of all support a friend. Even if you’re not a huge crier, weddings are so beautiful they might just get to you. The first dance can be a real tear jerker!

In western culture, a bride typically wears white and a groom wears black. This is not the tradition everywhere! Take a look and see for yourself.


This couple is not ashamed to be matching.

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Sweet capes.

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Another matching couple! The gold looks good on them.

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In Japanese culture, the bride traditionally wears a silk hood called a tsunokakushi. The tsunokakushi is a representation of the bride’s humility and purity. Looking sharp, you two!

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It’s Bulgarian tradition for the bride to have her face painted white and decorated in colorful sequins. Her groom is speechless!

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Indian brides wear a saree or lehenga on their wedding day, with the style depending on her region. The groom and bride both wear red, which represents prosperity and fertility. Indian weddings aren’t just one-day events either– get ready to spend the weekend celebrating the new couple!

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Headpieces for everyone!

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Sri Lanka

Both their outfits are so extravagant. Incredible!

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The furry hat steals the show.

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In Norway, the bride and her bridesmaids wear the same outfit! The tradition is intended to confuse evil spirits that may attempt to corrupt the new bride for evil.

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Wearing the flower crown before it was cool!

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Much like Indian brides, Pakistani brides wear red on their wedding day.

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Many Nigerian brides hold a feather fan on their wedding day. Keeping cool is important!

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That pattern though. Looking good!

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Scottish men typically wear their clan kilt. His new wife takes part in the tradition after the wedding ceremony by wearing a tartan shawl over her dress. The tartan pattern is the same as her husband’s kilt, symbolizing her now being part of his family.

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They look like actual royalty.

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