16 Times When Life Feels Like One Big Prank

The world can be such a weird place

Ever get the feeling that the world is out to get you? Like it’s all some big video game or hidden-camera show, completely designed to fool and humiliate you? Yeah, us too. And here are some examples of just how strange the world can be!


1. This is not what you thought it was!

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2. This is a real smart kid.

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3. Animals are so unpredictable.


4. Asparagus water? That’s a thing?

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5. Genius. Pure genius.

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6. Why?

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7. I guess that works…

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8. Don’t mess with Zach Braff.

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9. When your dog outsmarts you, you know something is wrong.

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10. The Chinese knock-off of Sharpie? Sharpei.

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11. This is deep.

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12. Good kitty.

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13. You win this round, child.

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14. Boom!


15. Now that’s a sneaky dog.

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16. Sweet expression, bro!

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