16 Times Life On Earth Was Captured At Exactly The Right Moment

Have you ever seen sand frozen underwater?

What would the world do without high definition photography? Definitely not capture NASA’s first moments testing a space engine or the detailed view of a snowflake on a single blade of grass. Thankfully, we’re lucky enough to have forever captivated those very moments … and so many more.

#1. What a half-shorn sheep looks like.

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#2. An incredible illusion in Belgium.

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#3. A lush bunch of trees sprouting out of brick chimneys.

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#4. A frosted border outlined by the shadow of a roof.

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#5. What happens to sand when it’s frozen.

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#6. NASA testing a 3D-printed rocket engine.

#7. Desperate schools of herring fleeing two hungry humpback whales.

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#8. Beijing, China: the sight of a digital screen shining through a thick cloud of smog.

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#9. A referee’s bloodied and bludgeoned shirt after a boxing fight.

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#10. Swimming between two tectonic plates.

#11. The beautiful petals of a dandelion frozen in time with resin.

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#12. A moment of death for both a spider and a bee caught in a battle.


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#13. What happens after pouring molten aluminum into a tank with water and bouncy balls.


#14. An artist’s statue of a child going for a ‘cowboy ride’ on his mother in Vigeland Park, Norway.

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#15. A Japanese hand-planing competition.

#16. What it means to read the morning paper in India.

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