16 Times Bad Luck Just Didn't Feel So Bad Anymore

Maybe the seven years of crap luck since that mirror broke has finally ended!

Everyone has those days when back luck seems to follow you around. Sometimes, all you need is a super-chill moment for it to feel like the world is alright again…


After you’re done feeling sorry for yourself and cloud standing over you (in your imagination) finally goes away, sometimes the sun has an opportunity to shine back on your life. Sometimes, that bit of sun was world all that crap you took to get there.

Here are some really terrible situations that kinda turned out just alright…

1. Me, all day, everyday.

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2. Nothing like a new friend to relate to.

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3. The system is out to get you, man.

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4. Bittersweet

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5. At least you’re being robbed by someone with a sense of humor.

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6. Free chocolate milk = liquid gold

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7. You never know when your next mobile adventure will be!

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8. Look what we have here…


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9. “Oh noooo really? Byeeeee”

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10. Sometimes you just need to go full on!

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11. Hey, at least they got a laugh out of it.

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12. Game. On. Point.

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13. Honestly they look pretty bad ass….

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14. I wish I had that kind of luck in my life…

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15. Straight chillin’.

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16. BFFs forever!

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Main Image via reddit / hong_kong

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