16 Super Products To Brighten The Lives Of New Parents

Being a mom or dad can be tough, but these gadgets will make everything easier

Being a parent is wonderful, but it’s also a big, big challenge. Looking after babies can be very time-consuming, so most parents will accept any help they can get. Luckily, a whole bunch of products now exist to make parenting so much simpler!

1. A pacifier that automatically closes itself whenever it’s not in the baby’s mouth, helping it stay clean and germ-free.

via Diapers.com

2. A divider for the bath, allowing you to create a baby-sized tub and save water!

via Ice Cool Gadgets

3. A babysitter’s box, filled with all the accessories and essentials needed to keep your child safe and happy.

via Boyd Meets Girl

4. Reminder tags to let you know which side you should be nursing on.

via Etsy / SweetLittleReminders