16 Stupid Photos Shared By People Who Should Have Never Posted Them

Why can’t the world learn that there’s no need to share every detail of your life online?

Similarly to how certain things should be left unsaid, certain photos should have been left unseen. Nowadays, thanks to social media, everyone wants to share everything, all the time! Naturally, this can often go terribly, terribly wrong…

1. This is a sacred space no longer.


2. She didn’t think to tidy up real quick first?

Twitter | @og_pocahontas

3. Once you see this, you will never unsee it.

Twitter | @deucetreykix

4. Sorry to say but you got played…

Daily Mail

5. Well he just jumped the gun on this one….the tattoo gun.

Imgur | EastCoastMC

6. Come on man, no one needs to see that…

The Thug Bible

7. At least he’s involving grandma in his life…

Diario Registrado

8. Looking hotter than a T-Rex.

Instagram | @quanlitymemes

9. Texting and diving is a big no-no.

Imgur | GandalfTheUltraViolet

10. Definitely…not Usher.

Daily Mail

11. By wild she actually means insane.

The Thug Bible

12. Just leave the baby there, it’ll be fine. Selfies come first!

Acid Cow

13. When the moment happens it just happens.


14. Who needs a wedding album when you can have one of these?

Instagram | @will_ent

15. I don’t think she knows what that is…


16. Now all gingers look alike huh?

Daily Mail

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