16 Sneaky People Who You Should Never, Ever Trust

Trust no one, not even yourself!

I feel like we live in a day and age where you can’t really trust anyone any more, and you know what’s worse? You can’t even trust yourself… Here are some other people you really can’t trust!

1. I swear I’ve probably opened a dozen of these…let down every time.

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2. Master of Manipulation

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3. You wanna get left on the street? Because that’s how you get left on the street.

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4. “I don’t remember ordering the super small size?”

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5. “But you said it was just baby fat?!”

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6. Minty fresh!

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7. In the end, what’s the point?

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8. It sure looks like a door.

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9. Soooooooo …

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10. He could have circled the whole thing.

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11. Burnt chicken, at least?

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12. The recession has hit the crack..

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13. I would hate my parents too if they did this to me.

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14. Rule number one.


15. How does someone even manage to do that?

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16. New bigger, but smaller, but bigger size!

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