16 Signs That Girl or Guy You're Dating Will Never Be Bae!

Use this list to minimise the drama in your relationships!

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It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to have a good relationship. Other key ingredients include trust, honesty and compatibility.

It might take a lot of trial and error during the dating process before you find yourself in a relationship with someone you want to spend your life with, but thankfully there are some tell-tale signs you can look out for when vetting potential long-term mates.

Here are 16 of them to make it easier to know when to cut your losses and simply walk away.

Feel free to use the list to minimise the drama in your life!

1. It might be time to say your goodbyes if they begin to think they see you wherever they go!

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2. This shrug is a sure sign that he doesn’t care!

Especially if it’s his answer to every important question, like “Did you eat the last piece of cake?” or “Why are you watching Game Of Thrones without me?”


3. You discover the real reason he never text back and it’s worse than you thought!

If you have to keep on checking your phone, he is wasting your time!

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4. Does he always pop up when you’re hanging with your guy friends?

Really that behaviour is just too much … can you spell STALKER?!?


5. There are super powers and then there are SUPER POWERS.

If she suddenly has the strength to do this to your mobile phone, it’s time to give her some space!

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6. It may feel like winning some arguments is worth it, no matter the cost

But in the end, they aren’t! You just wasted another 30 minutes of your life …

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7. I mean, we’re not that close yet

If you can’t share the little things, the big things will only drown the relationship!

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8. When she forgets your number …

You know she just wasn’t that into you!

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9. When he acts a bit too cool

You may not get your emotional needs met in the relationship.


10. When they bring your faults to the big screen

There’s going to be no way out!

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11. Do NOT touch her phone

Unless you are happy with her rifling though yours! And even then …


12. Those early morning booty calls

Might mean she’s talking to other guys but also that you’re the one who’s slipping!

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13. When you’ve got to remind him to compliment you

Don’t be afraid to show yourself some appreciation and find someone else too who knows how!


14. Honesty is the best policy

If they lied once, chances are they will lie again!


15. Pent up feelings will implode your relationship!

If there is no room to speak your mind, you might as well forget it.

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16. When you both have the same best friend

In the event of a break up, someone is going to be the loser!