16 Shamefully Sinful Tattoos That Need A Good Cover Up ... Like, Yesterday!

Can someone please explain what the guy in #15 was thinking?

Hoping for the tattoo of their dreams, these poor folks sat for something else entirely. What, exactly, did they end up with? We’re not entirely sure. Waving goodbye to a respectful piece of body art, these 13 individuals gained an entirely new perspective in life … just not the one they’d paid for. 

1. Who knew a spelling mistake could be so deep?

… and so emotionally appropriate?

Reddit | Omegaman2010

2. Dude, so poetic…

… or not.

Reddit | unbreaKwOw

3. Hmmm …

… which one of these doesn’t belong?

Reddit | DallasDucks23

4. “Any can boy be father” …

… or something like that.

Reddit | everythingisending

5. Just curious …

… were you going for a realistic “likeness?”

Reddit | lowendians

6. Someone get this girl a cover-up …

… like, right now.

Reddit | xmulder17

7. Finally!

All those notebook sketches paid off.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

8. Actually, it’s Chucky …

… NOT an oozing open wound.

Reddit | mojelnugget

9. Is she aware there’s a skull in her skull …

… inside her skull?

reddit | [deleted]

10. Maybe a terrifying creature …

… maybe a reptilic version of Rudolph. Your call.

Reddit | diamondpath

11. An appropriate time to ask “what were you thinking?”

Also, what is it?

Reddit | TeapotHead1994

12. On behalf of the internet …

… was Dr. Phil himself not an option?

Instagram | @savagerealm

 13. So close …

…yet so far away.

Reddit | Squirtgecko

14. Careful …

…that thing’s gonna sprout some full-blown branches pretty soon.


15. Probably shouldn’t advertise that.

Definitely not “business card” ready.

Reddit | z32_slider

16. It just keeps getting worse and worse.

Where it’ll stop … nobody knows.

Reddit | IBeatUpLiamNeeson

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