16 Problems Caused By Having Big Boobs

From back aches to people judging you in the street, having big breasts isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Men and women alike are obsessed with big breasts, but if you actually have to live with them, you’ll know that having large boobs isn’t exactly ideal. Here are just some of the problems these women have to deal with.


1. They’re too big for guys to deal with. Sad, but true.


2. You can forget about wearing a backless dress.

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3. Low cuts and tank tops are also impossible.


4. In fact, most clothes become simply impossible to wear.

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5. Taking off your bra is the best feeling ever.


6. Things fall between them, all the time.

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7.  Fitting them into a sports bra is an incredible challenge.

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8. Because they’re so heavy, your bra will leave nasty marks all over your shoulders. Every day.

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9.  When you lie on your back, you can’t see your feet.

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10. Bras will break.


11. Strapless bras are yet another no-go.


12. They do have their uses, though.

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13.  All those dainty little bras? You’ll never be able to wear them.

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14.  Want to take part in “No Bra Day”? Forget it.


15. Your choice of bras is extremely limited.

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16. And don’t ever, ever think about trying a push-up bra.

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