16 Powerful Images With Fascinating Tales To Tell

The stories behind these pictures will shock and astound you

A photograph is a moment in time, captured forever. It’s incredible how a single image can convey so much, and every picture has its own story to tell. Here are a few examples, but be warned, some of these images are disturbing.

1. This photo shows the impression of a man who leaped to his doom from a burning zeppelin, way back in 1916.

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2. Here we see a Bosnian Muslim begging for mercy from his captors, a paramilitary group known as Arkan’s Tigers.

via The Globe & Mail Ron Haviv

3. A terrifying shot of the mass suicide that took place at Jonestown back in 1978.

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4. A soldier getting ready to start clearing up the damage at Chernobyl after the nuclear explosion.

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5. This disturbing photo shows all the wedding rings found at the Buchenwald concentration camp. The owners of the rings were killed by their captors.

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6. This photo, taken in 1939, shows some Jewish refugees being taken for deportation.

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7. This photo captures the moment when a scuba diver came across the dead body of Tina Watson, a woman who was allegedly murdered by her husband.

via Yahoo! ABC News

8. This prisoner was moments away from being executed with a cannon. The photo was taken in the late 19th century in Iran.

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9. One of Hitler’s right-hand men, Joseph Goebbels, stares menacingly at the camera after learning that the photographer is a Jew.

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10. This harrowing image captures the moment just before this B52H plane crash landed. We can see the pilot ejecting from the cockpit, but sadly he, along with the other three crew members, died.

11064246-d3e2-48b9-8145-1d8f905b342a (1)
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11. This poor rabbit was used to test the air at a nerve gas factory.

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12. Serial killer Ivan Milat, responsible for killing 7 people in Australia, strikes a pose with his shotgun.

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13. This unfortunate prisoner-of-war was forced to walk across a minefield by his Nazi captors.

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14. These disturbing images show a group of friends moments before and after an explosion in Beirut. The gold car you see in the first picture contained a bomb which was detonated just seconds after the photo was taken.

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15. This image shows Corporal Roy Day Jr. During the Korean War, Day Jr. pretend to be dead in order to stay alive while 26 of his comrades were slaughtered around him.

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16. Polish citizens being prepped for execution by firing squad during World War II.

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