16 Pieces Of Evidence That Settle The Battle Of Dog vs. Cat Once And For All

Dog lovers unite!

Whether you’re a cat or a dog person, there are some universal truths we can all accept. While pups are there to simply serve their masters, cats often enjoy displaying their disdain and disapproval. It’s just the way things are! After taking a look at these 16 pieces of evidence, you’ll understand why dogs won the battle of man’s best friend. 

1. A pup will snuggle up like a bug in a rug.

When was the last time you saw a cat sleeping peacefully under the covers?

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2. They clearly win when it comes to fluffy and floppy ears.

Can a cat tell you when static electricity is in the air? No.

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3. Dogs are always willing to offer a helping hand.

We’d like to see one example, just one, of a feline doing the same.

4. Man’s best friends are known to stick together.

Hmmm … quite the opposite of another animal we can think of.

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5. Pups will forever guard the laundry.

Which is more than we can say for their feline counterparts.

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6. Dogs will be overjoyed at the sight of a single snowflake!

Cats? Not even close.

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7. They crack us up with their first attempts at almost anything.

Meanwhile, cats always land on their feet.

8. Canines take their job of protecting the house quite seriously.

I wonder what would happen if we let Mittens the kitten deal with a burglar …

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9. Pups offer constant support at the drop of a hat.

Cats? You’re lucky to get a wave of the tail during your time of need.

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10. Man’s best friend is always up for exciting new adventures.

That’s certainly not the case with felines.

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11. Dogs come barrelling around the corner at the sight of their masters! (Aww!)

Cats would never do the same.

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12. They’re great with the little ones in the family!

No clawing of the eyes, pouncing on the head, or scratching of the feet here.

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13. Pups are super pumped at the thought of seeing a friend!

We could be wrong, but do cats even appreciate each other?

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14. A pooch can entertain us with adorable tricks he’s learned.

C’mon … you have to give us this one.

15. Need a pillow? Foot rest? Toe massage? They’ve got it covered.

Honestly … would Mr. Whiskers be so kind?

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16. Most importantly, dogs are always there to lend an ear.

Furry felines are great, but dogs truly are our best buds.

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