16 People Who Just Crossed The Line

Come on, man.

There’s always a moment when you wonder if you’re maybe going a little too far. Not many of us can swallow our pride long enough to agree with that voice of reason, so they just carry on going. In honor of that last sentiment, here are 16 people who put no limit on their vengeance.

1. This is chaos.


2. Please, let that be fake.


3. There go the next 3 weekends.

Twitter | @kalesalad

4. What did Fluffy do to you?

Twitter | @AlsBoy

5. Free Wi-Fi trumps all, apparently.


6. Now that’s just malicious.

Twitter | @_thewatchtrick

7. Just take the shirt off.

Twitter | @_LiftingProbz_

8. Too far. Artistic, but too far.

Twitter | @KurtisPosts

9. This should be a crime.

Instagram | @passengershaming

10. Go big or go home, right?

Instagram | @kalesalad

11. Gross.

Twitter | @O_iSEE

12. You’re so past the line you can’t even see it.

Reddit | SpideyAB

13. Hey, it is Bring Your Own Cup day.

Reddit | Maiyaderp

14. What line?


15. Oh, come on.

Twitter | @sentimentaIist

16. Please be lying.

Twitter | @Palolo_Noot

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