16 People Who Are Having A Really Weird Day

Well, that just happened…

Life truly takes a turn for the special when something hilariously spontaneous happens. Sometimes it makes you question your daily hum drum existence. But most importantly it gives you a much needed chuckle!

So here are 16 people who saw the wonder of spontaneity for themselves.

1. The bear looks so conflicted!


2. Training to face Mario.


3. Oh how I wish I was there.


4. Well that escalated quickly.

Imgur | rugmattt

5. At least his shirt finally fits the context.


6. Oh Bruce, what happened?


7. My question is what this person was on when they discovered this.

Imgur | HostileNumber17

8. When you try to experiment in a public bathroom.


9. Making studying more interesting.


10. So much waste!


11. What a jerk!

reddit | real_nice_guy

12. Don’t mess with Tom and Jerry.

reddit | iBleeedorange

13. When you have no time for changing clothes.


14. Okay that is awesome!

Instagram | t.w.u.r.kk

15. That’s a good definition of comfort.

Imgur | OnniMatikainen

16. Follow the cues!

Imgur | puggless2

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