16 Of The Silliest Money-Saving Innovations

The world NEEDS to know about #13

We all dream of drinking Cognac and driving around in Mazerattis, however for most of us it’s just a fairy tale akin to an old Disney Movie. In reality we have to scrounge around to save money, and some people come up with the most innovative methods of doing so. Do these methods work? I’d be shocked if they do. But can we milk them for entertainment value? Hell yes!

So go through these ingenious means of saving money, and if you’re inspired to try something yourself, remember to document it!

1. And now you’re out four forks.

But who knows, maybe it has value as an Art Installation!

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2. DIY at its finest.

Because that’s all a motorcycle is made of: scraps of wood.

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3. Well if it heats the tub, go for it!

Maybe don’t fall asleep in it though.

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4. Damn I had no idea Pringles Cans substituted as Exhaust material!

This oughta’ save me mad money.

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5. Okay, gotta admit, I’m pretty impressed with this.

Oh wait, who’s gonna be cleaning the cone?

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6. Slapping a band-aid on all your problems.

Taking ‘a band-aid solution’ literally.

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7. Using every inch of space.

Now maybe get yourself a mechanical arm to reach for the Cheez-its?.

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8. Backyard Ferris Wheel: making childhood dreams come true.

Maybe some dreams are best left untouched, yeah?

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9. Shelves on wheels.

I don’t hate this.

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10. Big wheel, small wheel, what’s the difference?

Who knows, maybe this could turn into a new sport!

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11. That’s a great way of warding off unwanted guests.

Not sure about money-saving though.

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12. I honestly don’t even know what I’m looking at.

But I know it’s someday gonna’ burn that house down!

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13. A trolley-bike. Run your errands and get some exercise!

Now that I see this I don’t know why this hasn’t caught on yet. So efficient!

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14. Get your own home gym.

The lengths that people would go to.

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15. Trailer park condos!

Everything’s better as a high-rise.

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16. Good as new.

Can’t even see the crack!

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