16 Nails That Will Leave You Craving Fast Food

Count the calories on your fingertips!

Pretty much all of us love fast food but hate the calories that come along with it. Well, these nail designs look good enough to eat and won’t make you put on any weight at all!

1. Nothing better than cotton candy and balloons.

fatjunkie nail art

2. All of those fast food chains you can remember.

Photobucket | nailchick27

3. These nails look lively with such summery colors.

Let’s Nail Moscow

4. Focus on the decals here.

The Nailasaurus

5. Perfectly made ice cream cone and soda with those nails.

Seize The Nail

6. An entire meal on that hand…

Chez Malanix

7. Brand loyalty matters.

Nailed it NZ

8. Can you get free food because of these nails?

Nail That Accent

9. I hear my stomach rumbling…

Unicorns everywhere

10. Fried chicken is love!

Kiss And Make Up

11. It’s not easy with those decals…


12. The food looks real with the 3D effect and texture.

SCS nails

13. No details were missed here…

Instagram | @perfectionnails100

14. Patriotism at its best!

Marie Nails

15. All your favorite food in one place.


16. Just look at the at Colonel. Detailed to perfection!

Instagram | @rozemist

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