16 Mind-Boggling Pictures That Will Leave You Confused

These pictures are so trippy they’ll leave you wondering exactly what’s going on

A picture taken from a certain angle can trick the mind. These 16 images will have you scratching your head.

1. The girl in the picture is broken. Literally.

reddit | FlipBoy23

2. That isn’t the best pose for a picture.

imgur | mcnugget64

3. Dog on a stick!

reddit | Thisnameisfine

4. A third leg?

reddit | jezebelshottersister

5. Talk about twinning.

reddit | bulba5aur

6. This cat will eat anything.

reddit | akaRoommate

7. Why is there a horse in that apartment?

reddit | abenji

8. Anti-flat, you say?

reddit | Kinkie_Pie

9. Either they’re twins or they’re the same person.

reddit | lolihull

10. We’re highly against animal abuse.

reddit | rakkadimus

11. It’s time to unleash the dogs, cats, and hamsters!

reddit | heinekenchugger

12. This cat can carry anything on her shoulders.

reddit | insaneblane

13. That’s just how giraffes chill.

reddit | Deus_G

14. Why is she sipping an empty cup?

reddit | ashleyglasser

15. There’s only one way to explain this: magic.

reddit | Gnurx

16. If I go down, I’m taking you down with me!

reddit | itttdone