16 Hilariously Frustrating Uber Tales We Can All Relate To

You’ll be able to relate to at least one of these stories

We’ve come to a point in technological advancement that waiting around on the side of a street for a cab to pass by is a thing of the past. Today, you can electronically hail a random person to come pick you up whenever you like!

There are countless interesting stories of Uber drivers out there and the encounters we’ve had with them. Here are some common examples.

1. Someone needs a new GPS.

reddit | Z33calin

2. You paid $8 for that?

reddit | GiggleParty

3. Yep, that one for sure is the closest.


4. That’s how you write feedback.

reddit | straightCletus

5. Free loader!

Twitter | @GreatestUbers

6. I’d give Ahmed 5 stars!

reddit | lotttiiee

7. Hmmm, no thanks!


8. Ever thought these guys are getting paid much more than they admit?

Twitter | @GreatestUbers

9. I know I’ve definitely made a similar trip when drunk.

reddit | uhcougars1151

10. But what if she needs him to Uber her to his own party?

Twitter | @GreatestUbers

11. The embodiment of the American Dream.

Twitter | @GreatestUbers

12. It got really weird in the end…


13. Best driver ever.

Twitter | @GreatestUbers

14. Smart driver, that one.

Twitter | @nickbilton

15. Even the kids love him!

Twitter | @GreatestUbers

16. Well, that escalated quickly…

Twitter | @GreatestUbers

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