16 Hilarious Snaps That WERE The Internet's Best Kept Secrets

#7 will have you bursting at the seams!

As an endless source of hilarious laughs, Snapchat is notorious for capturing some of the world’s funniest moments to date. Check out these absolutely hysterical, sometimes cringe-worthy images and you’ll see why we labeled them the internet’s hidden gems. 

1. The truth hurts.

Imgur | h9290

2. Your guess is as good as ours.

Bored Panda

3. Snapchat: helping you share life’s greatest ice cold insults.


4. Ahh, memories.

Reddt | LizzWizz

5. The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Bored Panda

6. Comedy at its finest.

Tumblr | tearingwings

7. 100% completely and utterly correct.

Daily Mail

8. The underage kid trying to lay low at the bar.

reddit | beccapizza

9. “The Horrors of Snapchat,” coming to a phone near you.

Daily Mail

10. When your steak sauce starts to get a little TOO saucy.

Tumblr | mannah-hontana

11. Clever.

Tumblr | jeffgoldblum236

12. A match made in heaven.

Instagram | @yourtypicalgiggle

13. The all-seeing eye.


14. When your neon outfit matches your highlighter.

Daily Mail

15. A culinary equation.

Imgur | h9290

16. In his natural habitat.

Bored Panda