16 Hilarious Humans Who Have Absolutely No Shame In Their Game

The guy in #7 is just REALLY couldn’t be bothered.

The phrase “couldn’t care less” takes on a whole new meaning to these shameless specimens. Serving it up on a silver platter, these 16 peeps are done caring what the world thinks! We’re just happy to go along for the ride. 

1. Sorry, how is this a sale?

Reddit | kylestephens54

2. Someone’s mind is in the garbage.

Instagram | @kalesalad

3. Signed, yours truly.

Twitter | @gothistani

4. Ever heard the phrase “not my job?”

Reddit | DandieGuy

5. What a prune.

Twitter | @d3llo

6. Who’s NOT rooting for him at this point?

Instagram | @hoedity

7. There’s an app for that … an app-liance.

Instagram | @paigeebarkerr

8. Skill level: hungry.

Twitter | @garyfromteenmom

9. Tell us how you really feel.

Reddit | firedrag10

10. Rookie mistake.

Instagram | @kalesalad

11. Should’ve tried the moonwalk.

Twitter | @chaoticcneutral

12. Going against nature, full steam ahead.

Reddit | Dr_Goat

13. Look out, it just got personal.

Twitter | @djbewbz

14. Moms: telling the whole truth … and nothing but the truth.

Instagram | @kalesalad

15. In case you thought you were desperate.

Instagram | @trashyqueen_

16. Wait, hold that thought.

Reddit | dicahprihoe

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