16 Hilarious Geniuses Who Threw Life's Lemons Right Back

You’ll be mad you didn’t think of these first. They’re that good.

They didn’t necessarily invent the dishwasher, the robotic vacuum, or the solar phone charger; however, these brilliant masterminds did figure out a way to dodge life’s lemons and tricky curveballs. Check out some of the funniest and most effective lazy hacks, problem solutions, and karmic retributions of 2016. 

1. Not a single ounce of sympathy.

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2. Told you … sheer genius.

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3. Well if the news says so!

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4. Awesome idea.

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#7 might actually get you into a little trouble. Worth the risk? Definitely.

5. A man with a plan. Gotta love it.

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6. We have an opportunist on our hands!

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7. Definitely (not).

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8. That’s actually pretty impressive.

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#10 … Cute or crossing the line?

9. Fingers crossed!

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10. So … cute or crossing the line?

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11. It doesn’t even matter how much, where do we get one?



12. Too late now.

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#13 is foolproof for those non techy people out there.

13. … see? Will is definitely onto something here.

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14. Way to go team. Way. To. Go.

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15. Putting that one in the idea book.

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16. Agreed. Where do we sign?

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