16 Grandparents Fumbling Around In The Modern World

The world sure is a whole lot easier now, but not for these folks…

The world gets faster, and you get slower with age. After a certain point the world completely moves past you and you’re stuck. I’m sure those past a certain age do feel lost in this modern world.

I’m sure my time will also come when I’m still raving about hover boards whereas the grandkids of the succeeding generations are zipping around the galaxy in flying saucers…

In the meantime we can take a minute or two to enjoy the collective befuddlement of these poor old souls…

1. Damn those kids always on their computer games.

via http://imgur.com/XSJRxMe / VJOnyx

2. I think I just teared up a bit.

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3. Whatever happened to putting up Graduation pics? I suppose we’ve ‘graduated’ to framing mirror selfies…

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4. Poor thing.

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