16 Gorgeous Photos Of The Latest Beautiful Bronde Trend

How does everyone feel about this lovely new look?

Like many people, I’ve been really bored of my hair color and have been waiting to change it for a long time now, but I just don’t know what color to make it and every time I find a nice shade I end up changing my mind. That was, until I saw Gigi Hadid and how she adopted this new color tone: bronde- yes bronde! I was completely convinced.

The bronde hair color is one Hollywood’s most trendy styles, with Gigi Hadid being the latest to take up the color. Here she is rocking the new trend:

via Instagram / @gigihadid

Getting the best of both worlds with this ombre look, it looks so gorgeous with wavy hair.

via Instagram / @ninezeroone

With braids being so in right now, this stunning style of having braids with bronde hair shows off the variation of colors perfectly!


via Instagram / @encorebystudioonesalon

Working with this natural messy look and the light just softly hitting her hair makes the bronde style look so pretty!

via Instagram / @brittsully

A dark base mixed in with the blonde highlights- you can see how amazingly bronde this look is!

via Instagram / @cristyjeanhair

The different shades of blonde and brown look stunning on a short wavy bob. The perfect clashes in the colors are really cool!

via Instagram / @alisha.burgett.hair

I wish my hair was this gorgeous with so many different shades mixed together. I love it!

via Instagram / @headlinesthesalon

This balayage bronde look is just perfect with her skin tone and even matches her eyes!

via Instagram / @brittsully

This beach-messy look suits the bronde so nicely, so no matter what situation you’re in, you’ll always look beautiful.

via Instagram / @tanyaleerodriguez

Hair goals! This bronde ‘do gently fades to platinum, accentuating her long locks. With highlights around her face, this style provides a natural sun-kissed look, perfect for those summer months!

via Instagram / @jonathanandgeorge

Many shades of caramel are in play in this bold bronde ‘do! 

via Instagram / @hairbykaylita

I just had to add on this photo of a classy up-do. Bronde shades work perfectly with a smooth low bun, making this classic look timeless.

via Instagram / @hustle_and_co

This gorgeous out-of-bed look shows how versatile the bronde trend can be, ranging from dark undertones with hints of bronze and gold makes for a natural yet unique look.

via Instagram / @brittsully

Bronde looks great in wavy styles, highlighting each and every layer in this California surfer style.

via Instagram / @lisasatornhair

Let it shine! We’re loving the bold coppers in this take on the bronde trend. Those long layers speak for themselves!

via Instagram / @jako44

One last picture I had to include- the dark chocolate stands out against gold tones, changing the game of growing out your roots!

via Instagram / @beautyandtheeast_

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