16 Creepy Photos That Ended Up Being Hilarious

After seeing these pictures, you won’t know whether you want to laugh or hide in the corner.

Have you ever wondered why directors always have those “based on a true story” phrases at the beginning of scary movies? Well, it’s to make the whole experience even scarier for you since you think the events in the movie actually happened to someone, so they could happen to you… 

If that’s the case, then directors should start using some of these stories for comedic purposes, because some of these you just won’t believe! If you enjoy the spine-tingling, creepy, or just plain weird in the world, you’ll love these photos!

1. He always knew.

eBaum’s World

2. Buckle up, boys!  

Reddit | Bluesomness

3. It’s all fun and games, until someone gets hurt.


4. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Funny As Duck

5. If you’ve got 20/20 vision, just remember to bring the booze.

Reddit | KogHiro

6. Giggity!

Reddit | Inv4derZim

7. It looks like it would have been so good too!


8. “Hey, does anyone else smell burning?”


9. You see, you’ve solved one problem…just can’t help but feel you have another….


10. Mr. Peters is about to get the Christmas of his lifetime…


11. Welcome to neckbeard Narnia, where the Mountain Dew and Doritos are free!

Reddit | C-Ron

12. Terrifying!

Twitter | @David_reymundo_

13. Run away!

Cruising Outpost

14. Who said she didn’t have the ultimate poker face.


15. Yeah, sure, take up his offer. I don’t see what possibly could go wrong.

Reddit | _–anonymoose–_

16. It always looks better when advertised.


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