16 Completely Normal Things That Turn Creepy In A Different Light

*Reading article may result in nightmares.

Like when dogs are scared of the vacuum cleaner, sometimes humans become afraid of things that are completely harmless. A trick of light or a badly placed ski mask can result in some real nightmares! 

These images are perfect examples of harmless objects that, with a little imagination, can turn into terrifying things.

1. When you’re trying to enjoy your bowl of popcorn and it looks like you’re consuming remnants of the dead.

reddit | [deleted]

2. “Sources say that armed forces are being flown in to capture the giant spider.”

reddit | Pilpecurb

3. Deep down you know they are just boots, but you have to check there is no one inside them.

reddit | amandalauren16

4. When Mom comes into close contact with dark forces.

reddit | [deleted]

5. This restaurant doesn’t take complaints well.

reddit | CouchPotatoFamine

6. Levitating man = so creepy!

reddit | Bierrr

7. Clowns: freaking out other humans for centuries.

reddit | tomcruzart

8. “My son freaked out and asked who was in the hallway…”

reddit | pragmatao

Even after the explanation, I probably wouldn’t be sleeping!

reddit | pragmatao

9. Eek! This is why you never go snorkeling hungover!

reddit | papa14moose

10. Who knew that, all together, a gang of Mickey Mouse Club fans could look so absolutely terrifying!

reddit | bazlightyear

11. This trick is savage.

reddit | EdithSuggs

12. Babies can be so adorable, and then scare the living daylights out of you moments later.

reddit | Mindwolf77

13. I do not buy it, something is coming to get us.


14. I don’t remember Pikachu having that particular talent?

reddit | MrInexorable

15. Sure, to some it may look like an early-morning team practice. But, we know it’s actually a zombie apocalypse.

reddit | Bgha

16. When Fall fashion meets The Coneheads.

reddit | kgully