16 Camera Hacks To Help You Take Perfect Pictures

You’ll be snapping like a pro in no time with these tips and tricks

These days, almost everyone owns a camera and we all feel the need to take countless snaps each and every day. The power of social media makes it more important than ever before to share images from our lives. But if you want to take the best photos, you’ll want to start using these hacks.

1. Add some Vaseline to your lens to take retro-style snaps.


via Life Hackers / Jason Fitzpatrick

2. Make use of a bean bag as a cheap tripod alternative.

via Do It Yourself Divas

3. These shape lenses can help you take some wonderful photos.

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4. Use a coffee sleeve to prevent glare on your lens.

via Roesch Photography

5. A Pringles can becomes a homemade snoot.

via Digital Camera World

6. Lentils can cut down on camera shake.

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7. Need to make a ring flash at home? Look no further.

via Flickr / Trazomfreak

8. Make a lightbox with some paper and a window. So simple!

via Digital Camera World

9. A simple sandwich bag can help you take professional-grade photos.

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10. Make your own backdrops with household items!

via Sarah Hearts |Mrs. Beach Bride

11. The Trigger Trapp app helps you use your phone as a camera remote.

via Trigger Trap

12. Create your own carry case.

via Lomography

13. You can even make a waterproof bag for your camera.

via Cnet

14. Use a business card to bounce the flash.

via DIY Photography

15. An old milk bottle can become a light diffuser.

via Digital Camera World

16. And a toilet roll can be turned into a macro lens for up-close focusing!

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