16 Absolutely Hilarious Photos That Perfectly Capture The Struggle That Is Winter

Live in a cold climate? Bet you could tell us what #4 is about.

Oh, the cold season. The frigid air, frosted windows, frozen over waters, and bone-chilling winds are just a few of the perks! To remind you of the wonderland we live in, here are sixteen absolutely hilarious and totally relatable images of the struggle that is winter. 

1. It’s so weird.

via reddit / Tecker017

2. At least there’s one silver lining.

via Imgur / razteo

3. … maybe two.

via reddit / [deleted]

4. Skill level: Houdini.

via reddit / winter_storm

5. Good times.

via Instagram / @danielle_defelice89

6. Open opportunities for trickery.

via reddit / winter_storm

7. When the effort it would take to cover up your lie is worse than the actual punishment.

via reddit / [deleted]

8. Expectation vs. Reality

via Imgur / Smashlekins

9. Wait till you add sub-zero temperatures to the mix.

via Instagram / @janinerzzz

10. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere!

via Imgur / alex6259

11. The ONE benefit.

via Imgur / JaiiGuruuDevaaOmm

12. Ah, memories.

via reddit / jackmodern

13. Shout out to all the layers! You’re the real MVP.

via reddit / esiper

14. What we call the ‘survival method.’

via Instagram / @goddess.of.appleysauce

15. This is what we’re subjected to.

via Imgur / knoloy3399

16. The Death of a Snowman.

via reddit / timconnery

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