15 Unforgivable Things From People Who Have Crossed The Line

These people want to watch the world burn.

Some people go way too far. They don’t just cross the line, they walk so far past it that the line is no longer even visible. Here are 15 amusing examples.

1. That is so horrible and disgustingly detailed.

Reddit | themikeosguy

2. Enough, please.

Twitter | @The_EspecialOne

3. Some people are too cruel.

Reddit | AuthenticSteez

4. Ouch, that was so not deserved.

Instagram | @_im_just_that_guy_____

5. So much effort for such a small prank.

Imgur | FreebaseCatnip

6. Imagine the feelings of the guy who discovered it!

Reddit | eazyeve725

7. They’re both wonders of technology, so who knows…


8. Maybe if they took it from him more often, he’d have done better in English class.


9. Someone bookmarked all the dirty scenes.

Reddit | andromeda31

10. A disgrace is what it is.

Reddit | peerpressure_mademe

11. It’s a jungle out there.

Twitter | @HertimusPrime

12. NO, CHILD!

Instagram | @kalesalad

13. Funniest one yet.

Instagram | @hoedity

14. Manners, people!

Reddit | Bread-Zeppelin

15. Think of the effort it must have taken to kill them and then arrange them.

Twitter | @Cristian_CV8

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