15 Unbelievably Crazy Stories That Will Make You Laugh

Humans are a very weird species.

The word “ridiculous” has a broad definition when it comes to the human world. And while we often see videos on the internet about animals doing ridiculous things, they pale in comparison to the idiocies we humans get up to.

1. Patriotism is certainly alive in this stadium.

via Imgur / PhenaxGodOfTheButts

2. Why wasn’t this caught on tape?!

via Thought Catalog

3. Maybe not have rice that day?

via Imgur / meowkakmeow

4. I think I’m gonna be sick.

via Twitter / @NotoriousStephs

5. Captain Sparrow!

via LifeBuzz

6. When you need to take out the car, but the plates haven’t arrived yet.

via Imgur / Gnaffdaz

7. At least she’s comfortable.

via Imgur / meowkakmeow

8. Awesome kid.

via Imgur / DrIvoRobotnik

9. Which part of his underwear, though?

via Boredom Therapy

10. I wish my Pizza Hut did this!

via Imgur / DrIvoRobotnik

11. The pain in his eyes is so clear!

via Imgur / PhenaxGodOfTheButts

12. I’d get comfortable if I were you.

via Imgur / PhenaxGodOfTheButts

13. It’s one of Voldemort’s soul pieces. A Horcrux, if you will.

via LifeBuzz

14. Very subtle.

via Imgur / bobby1986

15. He just wants to be stylish.

via BBC

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