15 Total Trolls Just Trolling Their Way Through Life

When you get to #12, think WWTD … aka: what would Trump do?

Life presents countless opportunities to poke fun at, name call, and mock our friends and families. Other times, the subjects happen to be complete strangers! Either way, some people just get a real kick out of making other people the butt of the joke. These 15 super trolls are absolute evidence to the point. They might as well stamp the message on their foreheads: trolling is a way of life.

1. 1,000,000 dollars says that image wasn’t the first take.

Instagram | @tindafella

2. Seems pretty effective!

LOL Book

3. Table manners: thrown right out the window as an adult.

Twitter | @biticonjustine

4. Kinda seems like he walked right into that one.


5. FINALLY! The absolute perfect shot.


… nevermind.

P.S. Thanks entire family.


6. Sorry, it’s by appointment only.

Instagram | @fjamie013

7. Nope! Not even close.

Imgur | dsuprema

8. Dad: 1. Ryan: 0 … not like anyone’s keeping score or anything.

Twitter | @Heath_webb

9. Trolling Trump … nice.

Instagram | @_theblessedone

10. Lassie, my how you’ve changed over the years …


11. Clever, clever barista.

Reddit | SuperCub

12. Nicely done! I mean, REALLY, a supreme job.

Reddit | 2moreminutes

13. Is that your final answer?


14. Skill level: eye-catching.

Reddit | w0rmholes

15. When you’re smarter than a piece of paper.

Imgur | aly72514

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