15 Times People Got Scared Out of Their Wits!

It’s mean, but we can’t help laughing at these images

There is a reason that horror movies are popular. Almost everyone likes a good scare now and then. Sometimes, of course, it can go too far and recovery from a really good spooking can take a long time. While you could feel sorry for the people in the following 15 scenarios, you are more likely to laugh!

1. The poor postal worker!

Reddit | Kracker5000

Hopefully, they have trauma treatment at work!


2. Teaching isn’t what it used to be!

Reddit | hwanggeumnam

3. When parents just want to have some fun!

Reddit | anotheronedown

4. Mr. Bean in your bathtub … frightening!

Reddit | Dennyboy101

5. It’s escaped!

Reddit | mitsghub

6. Don’t know which is more frightening … the foot bone or how innocent the dog looks next to it!

Reddit | erethenn

7. Every guy named John who passed this sign crapped themselves!

Reddit | sirrypie

8. Nicolas Cage in his new role, ‘Scarecrow’.

Reddit | Same_Name_As_You

9. A scary scene with Samuel Jackson…

Reddit | r2brie2

10. Imagine being this guy’s roommate…

Reddit | IntellectumValdeAmat

11. You would just freak out!

Reddit | sjwaldo

12. Don’t turn out the light!

Reddit | timelesturkey

13. Mr. Bean has become an everyday spook!

Reddit | maxoman

14. Time for a cubicle change!


15. A cruel prank to play.

Reddit | JJ0EE