15 Things In This World That Should Not Be Seen

Reminders that this world can be a really creepy place…

Have you ever come across something and wondered who in their right mind would produce such a thing? Below we honor the poor people that came face to face with your worst nightmare…  

1. Santa just became your worst nightmare…

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2. When wildfires in Tennessee melted metal from vehicles…

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3. This “facial fitness device” called Pao looks like some sort of torture device…

Can we just rewind for a moment… a “facial fitness device”??

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4. A gravestone was constructed so the deceased could look at his loved one forever…

That would be nice and all if it didn’t look like he was holding his own decapitated head.

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5. A woman by the name of Margaret Shilling died and left this imprint at the Athens Lunatic Asylum…

Her body wasn’t discovered for 6 weeks which is said to explain the stain that her body left behind…

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6. There is nothing cute about this man-eating bunny…

According to Artist Adam Trbušek, we’re looking at “a man imprisoned by the system’s mechanism, totally helpless, ill, and devoted to his desires and whims.”

Hmmm. We’re still baffled.

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7. This is no way to educate a child!

…Which one would you choose?

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I don’t think you’re ready for number 8…

8. There was nothing cute about those old-fashioned dolls… They never age well either.

But why the creepy hole in the head you ask? Rats. Feel better now?

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 9. This bite injury is the result of not giving change to a homeless person – yikes!!

If you’re ever bitten, get that looked at right away!

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10. So… that would be a black widow spider in someone’s broccoli. Yummy…

If there was ever a good excuse not to eat your vegetables, I’d say this was it.

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11. Halloween was no joke in the 1950s…

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12. Ever wondered what a glass eye exhibit is like? Well now you know.

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13. No thank you, an ice-cream is tempting but I do not want one from Hitler.

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14. When this person just came across these jars on the sidewalk…

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15. Good luck to whoever had to balance that load!

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