15 Super Smart Inventions To Make Life Easier

You definitely need to buy a few of these

Nowadays, when we seemingly have everything we could possibly need, it seems harder than ever for inventors to come up with new ideas. Still, each and every day, exciting new products are being created. Here are 15 smart inventions that can make your life a little easier.

1. A joystick for your keyboard!

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2. The one-handed zipper makes zipping easier than ever.



3. Slippers with LED lights to help you walk around in the dark.

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4. A cutting board that catches the crumbs.

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5. A toaster that lets you see the bread being toasted.

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6. With this toilet paper holder, you’ll never run out!

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7. A staircase that is also wheelchair-friendly.

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8. Highlighters with transparent sections to help you see what you’re doing.

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9. Picture frames that can bend around corners.

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10. A cat hammock.

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11. A glass doorknob that lets you see into the next room.

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12. This knife makes buttering better than before.


13. A USB drive that you can secure with your own keycode.

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14. These toothpaste tubes are so much more efficient.

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15. These plugs are way better than regular ones!

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