15 Stunning Photos Of The World's Most Hidden Gems

Care to take a walk in the clouds, literally?

We understand, you’re busy! Just like the rest of us, you most likely don’t have time to plan an epic vacation to some of the world’s most beautiful unseen wonders. Lucky for you, we did. Take a look at these 15, absolutely stunning hidden gems around the globe. Your bucket list will thank you. 

#1. Experience the Echo

The stunning Shining Ice Caves of Iceland’s Vatnajökull National Park fool visitors with their glass-like appearance and blue reflection.

© iceland-photo-tours
© iceland-photo-tours

#2. Master the Stairs

Climb all 3,922 of them on Hawaii’s “Stairway To Heaven.”

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© Laszlo Podor

#3.Visit the Gods

Majestically eerie and hundreds of years old, the Angkor Wat Temple complex in Cambodia is said to have housed the supernatural beings that ruled the Earth.

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#4. Delight In the Desert

One of the last places on earth the endangered trees call home, Madagascar’s baobab grove can boast roots and branches over 300 years old.

© Dennis van de Water
© Andrea Izzotti © Alex Solich

#5. Become the Bloom

Kawachi Fuji, Ueno, and Hitsujiyama gardens during the cherry, phlox, and wisteria blossom season in Japan.

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© meteocity © Kenji Yamamura

#6. Live the History

Discover the “City In the Sky,” Machu Picchu, after walking the very grounds the ancient Incan Indians traveled 600 years prior.

© eastnews

#7. Admire the Color

The 100% real-life photograph shows the amazing blend of colors within the rice fields of Yuanyang County, China

© nationalgeographic

#8. Live the Dream

Iceland’s Godafoss, “Waterfall of the Gods,” is home to a spectacular view of the Northern Lights phenomenon. The view of the falls isn’t bad either.

© Kenji Yamamura
© Vincent Bourrut © Skarphéðinn Þráinsson

#9. Float the Fields

Cappadocia, Croatia is home to an ancient village, marked by homes built within cliffs. A hot air balloon ride soars right over the artistic dwellings each and every warm season.

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© relaischateaux © tripadvisor

#10. Stand In Disbelief

Known for its impressive display of gorgeous flowers, the always stunning town of Provence borders France and Italy as well as the Mediterranean Sea.

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© onlyprovence

#11. Walk the Skies

One of the world’s largest salt flats, the Salar de Uyuni merges with the sky to create an even, heavenly landscape in Bolivia.

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#12. Explore the Art

Buried within India’s history and unique culture are the Khajuraho Monuments, still standing at thousands of years old.

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© remotetraveler © David Tryse

#13. Touch Eternity

One of the Earth’s last unexplored habitat, Antarctica boasts some of the most magnificent, massive, and truly breathtaking icebergs left in the world.

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#14. Descend Into Mystery

Hidden within one of Portugal’s many romantic castles, this 9-story spiral staircase symbolizes the nine circles of hell, purgatory, and paradise, according to Dante at least.

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#15. Hear the Peace

The Plitvice Lakes waterfalls weave in and out of each other to create a relaxing oasis within Croatia.

© mountainphotography
© mountainphotography