15 Showstopping Gray Nail Styles You're Going to Want to Try

Think gray is drab? Think again!

If you think gray isn’t pretty then you’ve never seen these 15 styles…

Gray nail-polish has been far too underrated! I see why gray wouldn’t be considered the go-to color for most women, but gray has some shades that can be worked into many outfits. Sure, it’s hard to pick it over your usual plum nail polish, but after seeing some of these styles you’ll change your mind completely!

Gray a color that you can do soooo much with. It can pop out boldly, or be subtle. It even can be a platform for designs, other colors, or nail accessories. Still not convinced? Take a look at the next 15 styles that will push you to buying 50 shades of gray (hehe) on your next makeup shopping trip!

Some designs even feature some bling, artistic designs, shapes, and everything else. There will be without a doubt at least one style here that is suited for your own personality.

1. Glitter glitter glitter!

Have a full nail coated with glitter, or a few surprise sections, either way glitter goes great with gray!

via Instagram / @naoimhsnails

2. Accent your dark grays with glitter

Adds a bit of dazzle and shine to a dark coat.

via Instagram / @krolowa.wszechswiata

3. A gradient of grays

All you need for an awesome gradient is a simple make-up sponge! Layer the gray nail-polish on for this cool gradient.

via Instagram / @paprocka.ewelina

4. Coating your grays with glitter

I think you can tell we love the gray-glitter combo.

via Instagram / @merikara_beautynails

You haven’t seen anything yet! Keep reading for some more insanely cool mani’s.

5. Gray: deconstructed

How cool is this gray nail theme? Fits perfectly together, and we love it in matte!

via Instagram / @hki_nails

6. Cold, hard metal

Balance the deep grays with shimmery sparkles.

via Instagram / @all_in_the_buff_naildesign

7. Coffin nails!

These look absolutely fierce! Matte gray for the win.

via Instagram / @krisynails

8. Rocky glitter crystals

How cool is this?

via Instagram / @bonitabling

Ombré and matte nails still to follow!

9. Gray shades of ombré

This is one of my favs! Match that ombré ‘do with some ombré nails!

via Facebook / Nail Art Club

10. The silver accent

Look at how much just one silver nail does to this purple-y shade of gray.

via Instagram / @emanuelakulig

11. Matte, all day, everyday

Nothing looks cleaner and more stylish than this creamy gray matte.

via Instagram / @my_uniquelook

12. Just a hint of that bling

Just the perfect accent!

via Instagram / @joksoviceva_nails

We saved the best for last! Look a the hottest gray trends for 2017 next!

13. Why have one without the other?

This gray-glitter hybrid ends up showing off all the colors of the rainbow.

via Instagram / @kelliegonzo

14. Minimal

For your everyday style, try out this minimal design!

via Instagram / @ipolish83

15. Chrome on my car, chrome on my nails

Chrome accents make for the look of the future!

via Instagram / @kristinas.nail.boutique

Main Image via Instagram / @hki_nails

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