15 Seriously Funny Pics to Turn That Frown Upside down

Look to these images for some comic relief…

Now see here, guys, “funny” is no laughing matter, and when it comes to LOLs, I don’t joke around. I take my job as a pic hunter seriously, and I’ve been meticulous in my hunt for the perfect mix of pics to tickle you in all the right places!

1. The Most Important piece of Life Advice

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2. He Now Knows the Meaning of Life

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3. You Knew Right Away that Something Went Wrong

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4. Texting Can Get Real Weird Real Fast

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5. It Might Be Time to Throw in the Towel

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6. Every girl is crazy for a man who takes pride in his appearance.

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7. Adulting is Hard

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8. This is Why I Just Watch Netflix

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9. School < Tacos

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10. The True Meaning of Determination

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11. Life is Beautiful and Worth Celebrating

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12. Can Life Get Any Worse?

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13. Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

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14. We’re all Children at Heart <3

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15. Survival of the Fittest

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