15 Rejection Stories You'll Absolutely Cringe At

That friend zone though.

We’re really not trying to be mean, but have you seen what they tried to pull? After the non-stop texts, gag-worthy pics, and over dramatic whines, someone had to put them in their place. We’re pretty sure the entire internet agrees when we say, we’re sorry it had to be this way, but you didn’t leave us much choice. R.I.P. 

No one likes to hear the word ‘no,’ especially when you’re not used to being denied! These players tried hard, just not hard enough -we’ve got the 15 hilarious attempts and cringeworthy tries to prove it. Hopefully they get some better material for the future.

1. Ouch. That didn’t go as planned.

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2. Auto correct: an awkward experience. Every time.

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3. When it’s so bad, you’re speechless.

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4. Came on just a little too hard.

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Think you know savage? Just wait till you see Mom…

5. … and to think that was his best shot.

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6. “It’s not you, it’s me.”

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7. When you have to resort to another dimension.

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8. Ice. Cold.

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9. Who says it isn’t?

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10. Just like a band-aid.

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Apparently, the next person got real desperate…

11. Well that escalated quickly.

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12. Before he even got a word out. Impressive.

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13. Out in the open, not even trying to hide it.

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14. Burn, baby burn!

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15. Opening his mouth was the first mistake.

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You might say the next person is WAY ahead of the curve…