15 Pinterest Projects That Actually Work

These lifestyle hacks are all first place winners.

Taking to the never ending social feeds in search of the best DIYs, you may or may not be in for a bumpy ride (take it from us). Compiling a detailed list of failure-free Pinterest projects, we’re taking a stand against the dreadfuly awful ones … all in the name of craft. 

1. DIY: pretty planters.

You get the idea. While poking holes in the bottom of your large Tupperware storage container isn’t absolutely necessary, the idea will definitely up the ventilation and drainage. Helpful hint: use a power drill.

Back Porch Garden

2. Au Naturale hair products.

Love the luxury shampoo brand but can’t fork out the cash every month? Go for a wallet-friendly option instead. A touch of baking soda and a dash of apple cider vinegar will guarantee strands are squeaky clean while staying on budget.

Jude and the Walrus

3. Project: pallet.

At first glance, this gorgeous wooden structure may look intimidating. It’s not. A few nails and a couple cans of paint are really all you need to complete the DIY. If you’re feeling extra crafty, add in the cutout shelves here and there (aka precut pieces of wood at Home Depot).

Dump a Day

4. Next up: nose straightener.

A new take on the clothespin idea, this unique contraption is significantly more effective (and infinitely more comfortable). Users all over the world absolutely swear by it! Squeeze your nose into the straightener (giving it a snug tug), and you’ll be one step closer to a straighter shape.

Asian Girl Probs

5. Loads and loads of lip balm.

The idea of hand-crafting our very own version? An absolute dream. Stick with beeswax for a more traditional recipe or substitute soy in a veagan upgrade! Happy lipping.

Overthrow Martha

6. Mug o’ marshmallow brownies.

With a step-by-step plan and tasty ingredients, you’re set up for success! … and boasting the best party favors on the block.

Praktic Ideas

7. DIY: Odor be gone!

Pretty genius if we do say so ourselves.


8. Buttondown to off the shoulder.

Those comfy cozy flannels we’re always stealing are dual purpose. Transform your day on the couch into a night with the girls with a few simple twists. Without putting your arms through the sleeves, button up the shirt like normal. From there, twist the fabric in front of you before bringing what’s left around your back. Once the shirt feels snug and tight, tie the sleeves in a bow to guarantee it stays put.

Brit + co.

9. Razor burn: deodorized.

Put an end to the insufferable itching, chafing, and redness with a swipe from your favorite speed stick. The deodorant will create a film-like barrier to eliminate the irritation. You’re welcome.


10. A cutout necklace display.

Guarantee your silver, copper, and gold are tangle free and neatly stored with this DIY jewelry holder. BONUS: it’s fun to create!


11. Bananas will buff out the damage.

Really. While it may sound slightly risky and feel utterly ridiculous, rubbing a banana on those cherished DVDs could bring them back to life.


12. Frugally fun slip and slide.

… and they tried to sell us a $30 version?? Shop some tarp, pull out the garden hose, and call it a day!

Blog Spot | Hope Studios

13. Lightly lit lemon candles.

Fun fact: citrus fruits, or rather their citric acids, are flammable! It’s DIY meets a dose of ambiance which these colorful candles.

Martha Stewart

14. Oil panned magnet board.

A pack of child-friendly magnets and an industrial oil drip pan later and you’ve got a tot-sized distraction to display.

The Pinterest Project

15. Coconut oil as an acne treatment.

The trending health-focused substance is at it again! Many users have reported a significant change in their skin’s tone, texture, and luminosity after adding a serving or two of coconut oil into their daily diet. Is there anything it doesn’t do?

Almost Exactly

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